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Return of the Pilots | Siegrun Appelt

Sat 28 August 2010, at Sunset (22:00h)
Mühlenweide, Duisburg-Ruhrort

Siegrun Appelt (at)
Reale Formulierungen (Ruhrort)
Light Installation, 2010

Siegrun Appelt is known for expansive light works that bathe whole city areas and architecture in bright light. For ISEA in Duisburg-Ruhrort she designs a spacious light work for the park-like gardens of the Mühlenweide, right at the banks of the river Rhine. Appelt works with the direct physical perception of light and its contradictory qualities: the intensity of the light radiates great warmth and also hurts the eyes. It turns nature into artifice and transforms whole landscapes.
In their overwhelming intensity, Appelt’s works exaggerate the effects of light and urgently question the phenomenon of light pollution and our use of important energy resources.

About the Artist

Siegrun Appelt (*1965)
2010 Sehnsucht, 12. Architekturbiennale Venedig, Ruhrlights: Twilight Zone, Ruhr.2010, Mülheim; 2009 Glow, Eindhoven; 2008 Updating Germany, 11. Architekturbiennale Venedig; Ruhrlights, Mühlheim; 2007 Lichttage, Winterthur; 2006 116 kW, Kunsthalle Schirn, Frankfurt; Lebt und arbeitet in Wien, Kunsthalle Wien; 2005 288 kW, Kunsthaus Bregenz; Lichtkunst aus Kunstlicht, ZKM Karlsruhe; 2004 Moderato cantabile, Landesgalerie Linz; 68.719.476.736, MUMOK, Wien; 2002 NON-PLACES, Frankfurter Kunstverein; 2001 Detourism, Rennaissance Society, Chicago; 1999 Raumvorstellungen, Lothringerstraße 13, München; 1998 Reservate der Sehnsucht, hARTware projekte, Dortmunder U; 1997 It always jumps back / and finds its way, de APPEL, Amsterdam

Sat 28 August 2010, at Sunset (22:00h)
Mühlenweide, Duisburg-Ruhrort

Map Duisburg-Ruhrort

Admission: free of charge