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ISEA2010 RUHR Keynotes
Peter Weibel (de/at)

Tue 24 August 2010, 17:30h–19:00h
Orchesterzentrum|NRW, Dortmund

The Tongue That Sees. Neuroaesthetics, Molecular Aesthetics and Media Aesthetics

Moderated by Jens Hauser (de)

Classic media theory is in the main an organological theory of media. Media are interpreted as extensions of the sense organs, whereby each new medium redefines the relationship of the senses to one another.

Now we are on the threshold of a material revolution where the synaesthetic programme, where one sense organ (the eye) partially takes over the function of a different sense organ (the ear), is radicalised: Any given sensory organ tends to take over the functions of any other sense organ. The brain appears to be sufficiently adaptable to allow the networking of all the sense organs with each other. What was once seen as a paranormal phenomenon has today, through the promises of biotechnology and information sciences, entered a phase of technical realisation.

How neuroaesthetics and molecular aesthetics can open up new horizons and fields of action is the subject of this lecture.

Peter Weibel is an artist, teacher and art and media theorist. He has been head of the Centre for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe since 1999. In addition to his artistic and curatorial work, he is known for his border-crossing between art and science.

Jens Hauser is a curator, author, science and culture journalist and teaches media theory and intercultural approaches at Ruhr University, Bochum.

Tue 24 August 2010, 17:30h–19:00h
Orchesterzentrum|NRW, Dortmund

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Keynote € 5 (reduced: € 4)
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