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ISEA2010 RUHR Keynotes
Margaret Morse (us)

Fri 27 August 2010, 17:30–19:00h
Orchesterzentrum|NRW, Dortmund

Moderated by Andreas Broeckmann (de)

Out of Synch.
What Artists Do Despite the Worn Out Conceptual Frameworks We Use to Think About Art

The umbrella terms of electronic or new or digital media art or technological art no longer cover the range of art – gardening, textiles, bio art, social media – that is being made today in their name. We are using an exhausted framework provisionally until we find a way of understanding what we do that encourages rather than constrains us. Rather than an epigonal time (based on the past), we live in a period of epic struggle to maintain openness in areas of cultural innovation. The utopian impulses that originally informed and motivated media art have been taken seriously and evolved into a greater perceptual and symbolic range in recent art. Does it make sense to reframe the notions of medium and art so as to capture the complexity of the current situation and find the common thread in our shared utopian heritage?

Andreas Broeckmann is an art historian and curator based in Dortmund and
Berlin. Artistic Director of ISEA2010 RUHR and of Dortmunder U.

Margaret Morse is Professor for Film & Digital Media. She works on digital and electronic media theory and criticism, media art, media history, technology and culture, film history and theory, German cinema, documentary and science fiction. Her recent research addresses the distribution of the sensible in specific examples of contemporary art.

Fri 27 August 2010, 17:30–19:00h
Orchesterzentrum|NRW, Dortmund
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Keynote € 5 (reduced: € 4)
*Reduced prices are available for students (except for PhD students), those officially serving military/civic duty, people receiving social welfare, and severely disabled persons.