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Ariel Guzik (mx)

Submersible capsule, 2004–2009

Nereida is a fused quartz underwater capsule that contains within it a mechanism of cords and circuits. It is part of a collection of instruments whose purpose is to establish contact and some kind of link with cetaceans through music, without any means of domination and without limiting their freedom. The Nereida experiments are based on some aspects of chaos theory and on the fact that for dolphins and whales, observation and communication make up a single and inseparable circular process based on sound waves.

About the artist

Ariel Guzik designs and produces mechanisms and instruments to enquire into the various languages of nature. He is also a musician, draftsman and illustrator. He is Director of the Laboratorio Plasmaht de Investigación en Resonancia y Expresión de la Naturaleza, Asociación Civil. Installations and individual exhibitions of his work have been presented in national and international institutions, such as the Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo (ARCO) Madrid, the Apijay Media Gallery in New Delhi, the Havana Art Biennial, the Fine Arts Museum in Houston, Texas, and St. Mark's Church in New York.

30 July–5 September 2010

Dortmunder U – Centre for Art and Creativity
Floor U3
44137 Dortmund

Map Dortmund