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ISEA2010 RUHR Exhibition

Bruno Vianna (br)

Video installation, 2008

Ressaca is a feature film on the border between cinema and live performance, inspired by the work of VJs that produce real time visuals to electronic music. The project consists of a story composed of more than 120 short sequences and dealing with the coming of age of a teenager during the late eighties in Brazil. The selection and order of these sequences is not pre-determined but will be edited live by the director in every section.

This project is part of the cooperation with the Instituto Sergio Motta.

About the Artist

Bruno Vianna works with film, mobile media and installations. He directed four shorts between 1994 and 2003, and released his first feature, Cafuné, in 2006. In 2008, he released Ressaca/Hangover, a feature narrative film that is edited live in every screening through the use of a touch screen interface. He has used mobile digital media to create works such as Palm Poetry and Invisibles, a narrative augmented reality platform for mobile phones. Vianna studied film in Rio de Janeiro and holds a master's degree in Interactive Media from ITP-NYU.

ISEA2010 RUHR Exhibition
Fri 20 August–Sat 5 September 2010

Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte
Hansastr. 3
44137 Dortmund

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