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ISEA2010 RUHR Exhibition

Saita Kazuki & Soiichiro Mihara & Hiroko Mugibayashi (jp)
moids 2.0

Sound Installation, 2009

The core element of this acoustic phenomenon is the combination of single reactive units. They react to their acoustic environment when the surrounding ambient noise exceeds a certain level for a certain time span by generating sounds. By connecting hundreds of these electro-acoustic units in space they form fuzzy, endless acoustic loops which are reminiscent of a frog pond or anthill soundscapes.

This project is part of the international cooperation Exchange Emergences between the Japan Media Arts Festival (jp) (http://plaza.bunka.go.jp/english/) and the Coded Cultures Festival (at).

About the Artists

Kazuki Saita is an electronic sound enthusiast who works as a programmer in an electronic musical instrument manufacturer in Tokyo.
Soichiro Mihara develops sound structures with various technologies. In his recent moids project he focuses on organic and decentralized acoustic emergences.
Hiroko Mugibayashi is an interactive media producer, science writer, media artist and CEO of AITIA Corporation of interactive media artcreation, Tokyo.
They are all founding members of the Kinoshita Laboratory, Tokyo, established in 2003, which explores various aspects of artistic investigation.

ISEA2010 RUHR Exhibition
Fri 20 August–Sat 5 September 2010

Dortmunder Kunstverein
Hansastr. 2-4
44137 Dortmund

Map Dortmund