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ISEA2010 RUHR Exhibitions | Agenten 2.0

Mon 23–Sun 29 August 2010
Lütge Brückstraße 16, Dortmund

Exhibition by Offenbach Academy of Art and Design

During ISEA2010 students from the Department of Electronic Media at Offenbach Academy of Art and Design run an exhibition space as a headquarter for agents. The artists act and intervene personally and immediately in live situations with the urban environment. In teams they disperse into the city to explore and simultaneously act upon different aspects of everyday social life. The performative rulesets applied to the urban context resemble simple programmes, which establish and spread themselves and thereby open up room for maneuver. They evoke autopoietic processes. Like a virus they infect the targeted objects and subjects with their message, if not with the principle of their actions itself.

Agents: Anne Euler, Sandra-Daniela Heinz, Tobias O. Hermann, Shaowei Jia, Hye Joo Jun, Yoonsun Kim, Kyung Min Ko, Johanna Kohler, Myria Nicolaeidou, Tatjana Matvejeva, Anthony Ransome-Jones, Bernardo Schorr, Jessica Sehrt, Martin Stiehl, Dominic Vogel, Sabrina Winter

Support: Martin Ahrens, Stephan Blanchet, Michael Brühl, Alexander Stefas

Organisation: Prof. Ulrike Gabriel & Martin Stiehl - HfG Offenbach 2010

satis&fy AG
Medialas Electronics GmbH
IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH
Copier-Center A&T GmbH
Look Solutions

Agenten 2.0 Exhibition
Lütge Brückstraße 16

Map Dortmund

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Admission: free