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ISEA2010 RUHR Conference

At several venues in the cities of Dortmund, Essen and Duisburg, more than two hundred speakers present recent developments in contemporary art and digital culture and exchange ideas with local creatives. All conference panels are held in English.

All conference contributions have been selected in a peer-reviewing process by an international jury from over thousand proposals. The discussed themes vary from aesthetic discourses to questions of art and engineering. Among others, the conference includes panels on art and media in Latin America, on preservation of historical media art, on the phenomenon of materialisation and dematerialisation, and on the role of the user in digital art.

ISEA2010 RUHR Keynotes

The ISEA2010 RUHR Keynotes deal with current sociopolitical discourses at the intersection between politics, art and the information society. Urgent contemporary issues are presented and discussed by high-profile experts in a series of keynote speeches. Topics include the changing significance of property in the digital economy, the transformations of geopolitical scenarios entailed by global communication networks and the role of science as a driving force of innovation and as a moral authority.
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The ISEA2010 RUHR Keynotes are organised in cooperation with the Federal Agency for Civic Education.

ISEA2010 RUHR Conference Proceedings

The Conference Proceedings with abstracts and short versions of all contributions to the ISEA2010 RUHR Conference are still available and can be ordered from our office. More information: ISEA2010 Publications

isea_cover_proceedings_small.jpg ISEA2010 RUHR Conference Proceedings
544 pages
English only
Revolver Verlag, Berlin
ISBN 978-86895-103-5
€ 10 (plus shipping costs)