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ISEA2010 RUHR Concerts | Day of Sound
Daniel Mayer

Sun 22 August 2010
19:00–20:00h, ICEM Neue Aula

Lokale Orbits, Solo 5 (violoncello) and Solo 3 (flute)
Daniel Mayer (at): composition
Nora Krahl (de): violoncello, Sabine Vogel: flute

Daniel Mayer about Lokale Orbits:
By working with computer algorithms especially the experimental aspect is important to me - neither the transformation of abstract concepts nor the approximation to preceding imaginations of sound. One is confronted with results that demand immediate further development, also against the original intentions. As a consequence I decided for a procedure, which allows to concentrate exactly on this flexibility and restricts planning to the framing experimental conditions. In the sequence Lokale Orbits instrumental sounds, recordings with the musicians concerned, are the starting point. Granular synthesis - actually: buffer granulation, the synthesis of tiny particles of a basic sound - allows a huge bandwidth of results, a gradual transition from real sounds into electronic space and is therefore suited for "mixed" instrumentations.
Structuring the compositional process this way does not suspend historical-dialectical thinking. The reference to historically mediated structures is omnipresent and demands respective individual decisions - thereby I'd like to take the freedom to newly perceive wellknown relations (e.g. simple intervals and progressions) under microscopical and macroscopical changes.

Daniel Mayer about composition with computer algorithms:
[...] In using algorithms their continuous modification as reaction to generated musical results is my aim. The own relation to memory has influence on modifications of the original procedure and the valuation of its outcome. The dynamical adaption of an algorithm and not its strict musical „realization“ is the paradigm. Finally in aesthetical regards, independant of their range of complexity, at no time only structures are relevant for our valuations. It‘s always decisive how new structures scratch along the old ones. Just for that reason complexity, as well as simplicity, is not interesting as mere quality of structure, but primarily within the historical context. [...]
(Program excerpt, Cultural Center at Minoriten, Graz)

About the artists

Daniel Mayer (at)

Daniel Mayer (*1967) studied pure mathematics and philosophy at the University of Graz (MSc, MPhil) and music composition (MA) with Prof. Gerd Kühr at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, Austria. 2001 / 02 postgradual study at the electronic studio of the Music Academy of Basel, Switzerland, with Hanspeter Kyburz. Guest composer at the Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe (2003 / 04) and at IEM Graz (2005). Working with generative computer algorithms in electronic and instrumental music.
Performances at SuperCollider Symposium 2006, Birmingham, UK; ÉuCuE Electroacoustic Concert Series 2008, Montreal; JSEM / MSJ Electroacoustic Festival 2009, Nagoya; Giga-Hertz-Award concerts 2007, 2008, ZKM Karlsruhe; Electrovisiones 2009, Mexico City; Nuit bleue 2009, Saline Royale d'Arc et Senans; International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) 2010, New York.
Further information:
Daniel Mayer

Sabine Vogel (de)

Born in Munich, Sabine Vogel has lived in Berlin since 2000. She studied jazz transverse flute at the Bruckner – Konservatorium (conservatorium) in Linz, Austria. The flautist focuses on modern ways of playing techniques, sound and improvisation and has developed her own vocabulary on her instrument during the last years – acoustically as well as with the help of electronic equipment and a particular 'microphonisation'.
Apart from her own projects such as TUNAR (with Merle Ehlers and Dave Bennett), PHONO_PHONO (with Magda Mayas and Michael Renkel) and SCHWIMMER (with Michael Thieke, Alessandro Bosetti, Michael Griener) she works together with fine artists, actors and actresses, dancers and various contemporary composers, amongst others the Swedish composers Malin Bång and Mattias Petersson as well as Shintaro Imai from Japan.
Moreover, she is a member of the Anthony Braxton 12tet that had its premiere in 2005 at the Free Music Festival in Antwerpen.
Performances and tours take place in Scandinavia, Italy and the USA amongst other destinations.
In cooperation with: Arto Lindsay, Jim Denley, Tony Buck, Chris
Abrahams, Axel Dörner, Andrea Neumann, Jack Wright, Chris Dahlgren, Alex
Nowitz, Schwimmer, Ensemble Zwischentöne, Walter Thompson Orchestra.
Further information:
Sabine Vogel

Nora Krahl (de)

Further information:
Nora Krahl
Antares Project

Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen-Werden
Klemensborn 39
45239 Essen-Werden

Admission: 4 Sets € 12/8 (reduced), 2 Sets € 8/4 (reduced).
Ticket-Hotline: +49.201.49 03 231 or via email: karten[at]folkwang-uni.de.

(c) Daniel Mayer