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Sun 22 August 2010, 16h
Folkwang University of the Arts

The Institute for Computer Music and Electronic Media (ICEM), Folkwang University of the Arts, in cooperation with ISEA2010 RUHR, invites you to the Day of Sound.

A full day totally dedicated to electronic music during which the roots of instruments, compositional principles and sound structures of the electronic sound world will be presented. Live electronics will be generated and combined in an interplay with direct, well-rehearsed sound worlds. Barely perceptible auditory and visual microcosms flow through each other and sound resonances become symbolic. It will be collaged and looped, dismembered, reassembled, distorted and abstracted with text, sound and image. Modularised technical equipment and classical instruments in electronic garb are used. And, lastly, a one of a kind sound machine triumphs with enormous stertorous and subharmonic frequencies.

16:00–23:00h, Kammermusiksaal

GEISTER (detached cosmopolitan spectators)
Dietrich Hahne (de): composition

17:00–18:00h, Neue Aula

40 years ICEM
A musical and medial ramble through the history of the Institut für Computermusik und Elektronische Medien (ICEM) at Folkwang University of the Arts.
Florian Zwißler (de) and Dirk Reith (de): performer

19:00–20:00h, Neue Aula

... and the walls threw back echoes...
Performance and installation by ORNIS:
Sabine Vogel (de): composition, flutes, live electronics
Kathy Hinde (gb): live video, objects
Project supported by Steim, Amsterdam
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Lokale Orbits, Solo 5 (violoncello) and Solo 3 (flute)
Daniel Mayer (at): composition
Nora Krahl (de): violoncello, Sabine Vogel: flute
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20:30–21:30h, Neue Aula

Fourtunes (1992)
Dietrich Hahne (de): composition
Wolpe Trio: Lesley Olson: flute, Scott Roller: violoncello, Susanne Achilles: piano

the sleep, the mouth and the dream screen (2010)
for 4-channel-tape
Roman Pfeifer (de): composition, Klangregie

ARCADE (1991/92)
Tobias Sykora (de): violoncello
Günter Steinke (de): composition, live electronic and Klangregie

Neues Werk (2010, premier performance)
for 4-channel-tape
Thomas Neuhaus (de): composition, Klangregie

Sound Poem (2008)
Almerija Delic (hr/de): mezzo-soprano
Dirk Reith (de): composition, sound transducer and Klangregie

22:00–23:00h, Neue Aula

Hell Machine
Elisabeth Schimana (at): composition for the Max Brand Synthesizer
Manon Liu Winter (at), Gregor Ladenhauf (at): operators
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Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen-Werden
Klemensborn 39
45239 Essen-Werden

Gebäude Neue Aula

Directions to: Essen-Werden

Ticket-Hotline: +49.201.49 03 231 or via email: karten[at]folkwang-uni.de.

Admission: 4 Sets € 12/8 (reduced), 2 Sets € 8/4 (reduced).

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