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ISEA2010 RUHR Club | Delicate Folk

Tue 24 August 2010
domicil, Dortmund, 22:00h

Experimental Electronics Workshop

At the beginning of the club night participants of the Experimental Electronic Workshop present their results in a short performance.
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döbereiner & morimoto (de/nl/jp)

These artists experiment with sound synthesis methods whose sonic possibilities are explored in an audio-visual live setting. The resulting sonorities are rough-textured microstructures visualised in wavelike forms.
Further information:
Luc Döbereiner
Yota Morimoto

Infinite Livez (gb): Solo live performance

Infinite Livez of Big Dada performs a rare one-man show. Expect a mixture of experimental noise, stream of consciousness rapping and live beat-making from the London-born emcee.
Further information:
Infinite Livez
Digital Album: The Great Lens (EP 2010)

One Man Nation (sg): When I Was Young I Was Easily Amused, But Now It Is All, The Same, And The Same

One Man Nation’s work is best described as a “performance that transmitted a deep narrative feeling of geopolitical disenchantment, ingrained into dark textures”. This disenchantment exists on more levels than purely narrative; it is exorcised by the use of every part of his body as a whole.
Further information: One Man Nation

Tarek Atoui (lb): Un-drum 2/The Chinese Connection and Un-drum 3/Semantic Scanning Electron Microscope

Tarek Atoui’s Un-drum performances are a series of complex interactions between music composition, movement and electronic engineering. Through a system of pressure sensors that engage the physical strength of the artist’s body, Atoui scans and tracks at a high speed to instantly edit microsamples.

Un-drum 2 produced by: Sharjah Art Foundation (ae)
Un-drum 3 produced by: Sharjah Art Foundation (ae), La Maison Rouge (fr) und Darat Al Funun – The Khalid Shoman Foundation (jo).
Further information: Tarek Atoui

Blevin Blectum (us): Nocking Vane

Laptop, costume, voice and video will complement one another in this piece about conjuring, human/animal/elemental interaction, uncanny forces of destruction and primeval attempts at preservation.
Further information: Blevin Blectum

Hansastr. 7-11
44137 Dortmund

Admission: € 6, Tickets at the box-office