logo-hmkv.pngThe HMKV serves as a platform for the production, presentation and mediation of contemporary and experimental (media-) art. However, ‘media art’ is not understood as a technically determined genre, but rather as contemporary art that concerns itself both in content and concept with our present world, which is strongly characterized and radically altered by new media and technology. Through many international cooperative projects, the HMKV has grown a broadly diverse, international and open network: a network that this institution, the only one of its kind in Germany, has distilled into a multi-faceted programme of exhibitions and events.
Since its inception in 1996, the HMKV has staged around 100 exhibitions, film, video, music programmes and performances, workshops, lectures and conferences in various cities in Germany, including Dortmund, and abroad. In Dortmund the venue has mostly been the PHOENIX Halle on the site of the former steel works Phoenix West.

Hartware Medienkunstverein
Güntherstraße 65
44143 Dortmund

fon: +49.231.82 31 06
Hartware MedienKunstVerein

Maire Julien - Memory Cone No03 (c) Courtesy Artefact STUK Leuven