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ISEA 2010 RUHR Exhibition | Heavy Matter

Fri 20–Sun 29 August 2010
Westfalen Forum, Dortmund
Opening: Thur 19 August 2010, 18:00h

An exhibition by the Academy of Media Arts Cologne in cooperation with ISEA2010 RUHR.

At the turn of the 21st century, New Media has become a matter of course and the technology of electronic data processing is constantly being perfected. The promise that all spheres of life will be digitalised and made immaterial seems to have been fulfilled. Just how immaterial is data really? Does it not carry a certain amount of weight, after all? What role does the subject play in the virtual data space?

In this exhibition, the Academy of Media Arts questions the arrival of the virtual future and, as the exhibition title suggests, exposes the immaterial as Heavy Matter.

The question of whether the New Media can access reality is explored in the form of complex processes of transformation, embodiment, sound and localisation. By purloining scientific explanatory models for artistic purposes, applying extrasensory methods and devising poetic processes, the complex virtual world becomes accessible and is, literally, made tangible. 
Heavy does matter: objectively, physically and financially. Matter is an autonomous (disruptive) factor between transmitter and receiver.

Heavy Matter has been developed by members of the teaching staff and students of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM).

Initiated, supervised and coordinated by Prof. Mathias Antlfinger, Dr. Gabriele Gramelsberger, Echo Ho, Prof. Ute Hörner, Dr. des. Anneka Metzger, Lasse Scherffig, Prof. Dr. Georg Trogemann.


Mon 23 August 2010, 20:00h


The newest issue of off topic, the KHM magazine for media art, will be launched: off topic: beschweren.

Tue 24 August 2010, 11:00

Guided tour of the exhibition
Meeting point: Main entrance of Westfalenforum

Mon 23 August 2010

Conference panel: Heavy Matter. Rethinking the Role of Material and Medium in the Present
At Orchesterzentrum|NRW.
Further Information

Works in the exhibition


Céline Berger
Installation, 2010
After insolvency 23 ex-employees report on the slow disintegration of their working environment. The recordings of these reports are broadcasted simultaneously from a tower of loudspeakers. The voices overlap in a complex overall composition with waves of silence.
Sponsored by: NUBERT electronic GmbH, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany , FOX Ingenieurbüro, Berlin, Germany.


Jongwon Choi
Installation, 2010
1001111000110100000000 documents the performance of Jongwon Choi, who tried to live without electricity for thirty days. This documentation explores the experience of being isolated from the digital world.


Tobias Daemgen
Installation & Performance, 2010
A rhizomatic mixed-media-installation used for experiments with modalities of non-linear narrative structures. An examination of metamorphosis, a de-/re-/materialisation of information within intermedia translation processes.

diary of a cyberbabe

Anna Gonzalez Suero
Single Channel Video Installation, 2010
An experimental 'machinima' filmed inside an online computer sex game. Laying real images onto virtual images, the artist superimposes her own maternal fantasy onto the male computer sex game; the desire of a female avatar to abandon her passive role and to create new images.

untitled (office)

Akiro Hellgardt
Installation, 2010
The installation untitled (office) represents an artificial jungle made up of a large number of office plants borrowed from a nearby company. The office plants, representative of a highly organised, abstract (work) space, establish a unique connection between humans and nature.

Yacht Kaiserstuhl

Echo Ho & Lasse Scherffig
Installation/Performance, 2010
In summer 2010 in China, the Kaiserstuhl is deconstructed and crated. It returns to Germany across the ocean. Everybody is invited to join the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Cthonian Cell Observation I (Continuous Pressure Wave for Elevator Car)

Derek Holzer
Sound Performance, 2010
An evening-long concert drawing on the underworld mythology of heavy metal and noise music for an audience of one, taking place in the narrow confines of an elevator car filled with an overpowering, physical mass of sound pressure.

Dream Water Wonderland

Installation, 2010
Since the beginning of the use of nuclear energy in Germany, two sites have become synonyms with the end of a technical-feasibility fantasy – the fast breeder Kalkar and the terminal storage Asse II. Dream Water Wonderland transposes the remains of atomic industry into a dream about half-life durations.


Sion Jeong
Installation, 2010
Karat is an artificial sphere where a crystal is growing. In it an organism-like crystal form is realised; a metaphor of life. This crystallisation is a poetic process of materialisation, that lets us dream of 'becoming' as a trace of disappearance.

Ink Eye

Sunjha Kim
Interactive Installation, 2010
A bowl in the shape of an eyeball fills with black ink. A suspended writing tool invites the exhibition visitor to tap the 'ink pupil' and write. Linguistic expression and the experience of pain are mutually dependent.

16 Minds

Theresa Krause
Virtual Performance, 2010
The project uses the online game Second Life to expose real humans as virtual objects in the exhibition space. Avatars get paid for standing still and answering personal questions which are asked by a script.

Untitled (Capsule)

Karin Lingnau
Sculpture, 2010
Untitled (Capsule) is a sculpture, made from simple materials, following human proportions, a sketch of a single cell, designated as a place to retreat.

A : A'

Ji Hyun Park
Installation, 2010
A moving latex surface generates a second surface which reflects the first. This surface is a border between the real world of haptic material and the materialisation of light in virtual worlds.

I did not choose me

Jun Park
Installation, 2010
I did not choose me is an installation with optical illusion. Two faces of the artist made into 3D objects appear immaterial in space, reflected by hidden mirrors.

Spiritual Fishing

So Young Park
Installation, 2010
Various measurements, recorded at Laach Lake in the volcanic Eifel region, were transformed into notations that were then vocalised by a Korean singer (the spiritual in nature makes itself heard). These unique acoustics become tangible in the three-dimensional exhibition space.


Laura Popplow
Installation, 2010
KaiserFreiStuhl – two chairs that make two places talk. The coking plant Kaiserstuhl and the shopping centre Westfalenforum at Freistuhl between the central station and the city centre – today everyone is an emperor and the chair is free.


Martin Rumori
Sound Installation, 2010
ruhrprotokolle incorporates fragments of everyday life narration and relates them to the auditive surroundings of the Ruhr area. The voice recordings are binaurally processed, which, by listening over headphones, embeds them into the urban sonic reality. www.ruhrprotokolle.de


Miri Shin
Sound Installation, 2010
In Seoul, Korea and Cologne, Germany, the artist measured the distance between herself and people nearby who attracted her attention. The length of each stretched nylon cord represents a distance measured.

Happiness Beta

Wonbaek Shin
Sound Installation, 2010
In this reactive sound installation, noises from the artist’s immediate surroundings are transformed into chime-like sounds. These sounds set a matrix of glass rods in motion, causing them to resonate.


Tine Tillmann & Laura Popplow
Installation, 2010
The Installation Fungifiction creates an ecotopia for the Ruhr Area as a postindustrial landscape. Contaminated soil was purified by wondrous, vital mushrooms, whose cultivation on a grand scale does not just cure disease, but also the farming community.

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Westfalen Forum
Kampstraße 37–39

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Admission: free