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ISEA2010 RUHR Conference
P34 ISEA2010 Education Workshop

The Future of Education? Novel Incentives, Emerging Trends & Hybrid Practice

Thur 26 August 2010
Volkshochschule Dortmund, L 102

Introduction by Roy Ascott (gb)
Coordinated by Nina Czegledy (ca/hu)

In the ISEA2010 Education Workshop the identification and discussion of specific key educational issues initiates the open exchange between educational experts and workshop participants. Roy Ascott’s introduction on pioneering platforms for Ph.D. studies forms the initial base for the exchange. The contribution by knowledge transfer experts concerns relevant learning methods and accreditation, including Ph.D. studies and novel incentives leading to hybrid learning and interdisciplinary practice. While some of the issues are more relevant in a regional context, over the last years an ongoing global discourse became evident on these topics.

ISEA2010 Conference Proceedings | The Future of Education? Novel Incentives, Emerging Trends & Hybrid Practice (28.94 KB)

Nina Czegledy, award winning media artist, curator, educator, works internationally on collaborative art & science & technology and educational, projects. Her artistic practice is centred on the changing perception of the environment and the human body. Her lectures have been published in numerous books and journals. The Pleasure of Light, her most recent curatorial project premiers in September 2010 at the Ludwig Museum, Budapest.

  1. Peter F. Stephan (de)
  2. Bernd Robben (de)
  3. Bettina Schülke (at/fi)
  4. Dieter Daniels (de)
  5. Attila Nemes (hu)
  6. Barnabas Malnay (hu)